Dr. Robin L. Lumsden Honorary Consul of Jamaica


Honorary Consuls are appointed by the Jamaican Government in an honorary capacity. The Embassy responsible for Austria is located in Geneva. The Honorary Consul is among others responsible for the following matters:

  • Promoting the economic relationships between Jamaica and Austria
  • Supporting the Jamaican Government in promoting bilateral cooperation by providing them with information regarding economic, cultural, and scientific developments
  • Maintaining and developing good bilateral relationships between Jamaica and Austria by promoting tourism, trade, and investments
  • Representing the Jamaican Government by meetings and events
  • Protecting the interests of Jamaican citizens pursuant to international law
  • Issuing, editing, transporting documents e.g. visa applications, passports or other legal documents required to obtain the citizenship
  • Issuing travel documents for stranded Jamaican citizens
  • Issuing visas for foreign citizens planning to travel to Jamaica
  • Visiting and advising Jamaican citizens that are being detained in Austria and reporting this to the Embassy
  • Transferring any court documents as well as supporting the Jamaican Government in searches and inquiries pursuant to international agreements